Chartered Accountants

AUSKey Setup Instructions

An administrator AUSkey will need to be applied for by the director and the ATO will need to speak with them in order to verify some details, so I suggest the applications for all AUSkeys are lodged together to avoid multiple calls to the ATO.  A secondary AUSkey can then be applied for, for anyone else that will be lodging Activity Statements (e.g. bookkeeper).

Follow this link.

Click on ‘Register for an AUSkey’ (on the bottom of the page)
•    Insert the ABN for the entity you would like the AUSkey for and click ‘Next’
•    Answer ‘Yes’ then click ‘Next’
•    Select the option ‘I will be the Administrator AUSkey holder’ then click ‘Next’
•    Enter your full details (Given Names, Family Name, Date of Birth, Tax File Number, Email and Phone Number) – The Display name should be something that you can easily identify the AUSkey with (if you have multiple AUSkeys), e.g. ??? Family Trust.
•    Enter the displayed code.
•    Confirm details

You will be given an activation code for the application you have submitted.  You will need it to activate your AUSkey.  Please note that the Activation code is case sensitive.
Once the ATO have processed your application, they will email you instructions for activating your AUSkey.  If you have not received an email within 24 hours, phone 1300 AUSkey (1300 287 539) and quote the reference number given for assistance.
The ATO will ask you to confirm the TFN for the entity as well as ask for at ATO generated document ID.  Each Activity Statement and ATO generated letter will have one of these.

This registration process needs to be done for each ABN!

Once the AUSkey is active, you need to log into the Business Portal by going onto the ATO website ( and selecting Business from the drop down menu on the Login as section on the right of the page.